il peggio che M2 potesse concepire

Two stonecutters

And still… I tell you I can’t always laugh, but don’t tell me I can’t be sad if I can’t be unhappy.

And looking at the crack
I’ll show you a tearful smile,
but never quit my hammering
‘til the day I’ll die.

I’ll hit that rock forever,
with hope into my heart
and smith it into pieces
then throw’em all apart.

I’ll sing my song and whistle it,
sometimes I’ll cry it in tears,
but I’ll keep on my hitting
because I want no fears.

I’ll sing the song and cut the stone
because I am alive,
and you will find me smiling
the day you’ll pass me by.

We’ll look each other eyes
and touch the deepest scars,
we’ll choose each other one
and give them our lives.

We’ll empty our hands
and clean each other stain
and full our hearts with love
and heal each other pain.

We’ll grow them in full bliss
of reward dispossessed,
the laughter of our children
will be our happiness.



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